Most intimidating last names

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Striker is the latest, two-syllable gang of boy’s name. Talon is a French name meaning ‘large claw of a bird’.The meaning may be menacing, but the name has been selected by hundreds of parents because of its trendy ‘on’ ending. It became more popular as the nickname of Waylon Jennings Junior, the husband of Drea De Matteo.Meaning ‘father of peace,’ the name has been rising steadily and currently ranks #167 on the baby boy list. Boris, an old English name meaning ‘to fight’ is gaining extreme popularity in Europe.You never know you could be setting up your son for a career in skull cracking if you give him this name.Zane, meaning ‘Gift from God’ is a Hebrew version of the name John.Tyrell sounds similar to Terrell Owens, the controversial footballer.[ Read: Spiritual Baby Boy Names ]Damon, meaning stoic strength, is a tougher and edgier version of the name Damien.

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If you want to give a fabric name to your kid, then Denim would be your perfect choice.

Lars got the swagger from the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

Even Ryan Gosling played the role of Lars in “Lars and the Real Girl”. Flash will appeal to modern parents who are looking for an active boy name.

He chose Rocket, Rebel, and Rogue for his other kids.

Ransom is rakish and carries is still associated with holding someone for ransom. The moniker Rowdy originated in the United States to describe a lawless and rough backwoodsman.

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