Marilyn manson dating history

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Marilyn Manson was never a Christian in the first place, he was sent to a Christian school for high educational purposes by his parents, however, because of them it lead him away farther from the religion and ended up in the end becoming a Satanist, in which he believes in his own God which is him.

I have been a huge fan of this music for over 25 years, but I've always had the impression that he isn't a particularly nice guy.I can post all of what I found if someone is interested and didn't read the other thread, but until I get that request I will just point to the obvious aspect here.Manson has been into the Jungian idea of integrating his shadow and expressing the collective unconscious and its shadows for all of his life as an artist.Marilyn Manson has stated explicitly in interviews that he does not believe in god, and has never suggested being part of any religion. It's often seen as ambiguous because he has closely associated himself with religion.But he views them as works of fiction which he derives much inspiration from.

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