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“I feel like I do have some weird sense of obligation to meet someone,” he says.

“Even though this is the longest I’ve ever been single and it’s probably the happiest I’ve ever been.” Tiffany, a 22-year-old who works for a travel startup, agrees that dating apps make it more difficult to be content in single life.

Unlike a typical app whose effective performance increases customer loyalty and lengthens the customer’s time on the app, dating apps face a trade-off.

Good performance can allow a dating app to charge a higher price and expand its market share.

But despite such countless options, an increasing proportion of the UK is single.

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It was a window onto a society where, despite the growing number of single people, just being single can be seen as a symptom of discontent.It is true that many very unhappy people are single: more than 41 per cent of UK adults who report the lowest levels of well-being., in which he describes love and marriage as “narrative traps”.Alex Durrant, who runs the dating app Jig Talk, believes dating apps shift their priority when they move from a growth mindset to a focus on revenue.“In the early stages, when there are high growth periods,” Durrant says, “dating apps need to work; they need a real positive impact in the early stage.

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