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One of you may rebel against the other's expectations or need for certainty.Avoid blaming or accusing the other of being your warden!If you want to find out more about getting your personalized horoscope, please visit our Personal Astrology Reports section.Monthly Forecasts for August 2019: Monthly Horoscope Aries: Your sexual energy will be strong when resolution is found ...Gemini: Expect a stroke of good fortune - such as being supplied with tickets to a concert that was sold out months ago, being offered an opportunity from someone you both respect, or having a bid accepted on a joint purchase you both want very much.

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Watch the video above to see this month’s full lesbian love horoscopes.

Our tarot card readings are done by horoscope whizz, Tortor, who recently spoke to Pink News about being non-binary and lesbian.

Whatever you do together now will be beautiful, and beautifully received.

[ ..about Libra ] Monthly Horoscope Scorpio: Love and romance may be found in far off places for those single Scorpios ...

[ ..about Scorpio ] Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius: Every Sagittarius can overcome their cold feet and jump in and take full advantage of romantic opportunities ...

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