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We welcome all those who are members of the IWCR, or are new to Riga, and/or interested in finding out more about the club. As always, the Charity committee has been hard at work preparing for the Annual Bazaar and Vija has some amazing tours lined up for the fall. To experience my parents’ homeland for longer than 3 weeks in summer.

While we had to say good-bye to many of our members over the summer, we are […] Read More Name: Ilga Biskaps Nationality / Nationalities: Australian Latvian. To see seasons […] Read More Our Social Coordinator, Vija, has organized an eclair baking master class at the famous Raunas Darzs bakery.

A Big Thank you to all the people, who donated so many things. If you like to donate your gently used clothes, or kitchen items, smaller household utensils, towels, toys etc. This month we will enjoy a delicious lunch in Riga Centrs.

You are cordially invited to our social lunch meeting.

These girls do not think that they are better than you.If you compare the Latvian women with Spaniards, the Spaniards are not so beautiful, they are arrogant, but they do not consume so much alcohol, and in terms of clothing and style, Latvians look like Spanish.In fact, Latvians are beautiful, but it's a matter of taste - someone likes them, some do not.Speaking of reputation, Riga is a place that many people visit to entertain, and some tourists treat it with disrespect, because they do not respect people living here.Usually everything is cheaper here, including alcohol, which creates various problems.

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