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Believe it or not, almost all bikers are on this site.It is easy to place an account and start browsing thousands of motorcycle men who own a bike, or women who love riding as a passenger.Biker Or Not is a 100% free biker social network where you can see all type of riders, motorcycle stores, clubs, groups and bike related business.It is understandable that a biker doesn’t know other biker sites, but s/he should be familiar with Biker Or Not.Those websites only have search filters for ethnicity.In other words, I could choose Caucasian as my partner's ethnic background and search only for Caucasian women, but, my profile would still be visible to sheboons.You can verify your driving license to become a Certified Harley Rider and show others you are serious for dating local bikers.

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Push the controller again, and I get a message with my ESN and the number to call Sirius.

I'm pretty sure it gets extremely annoying to have coontacts with sheboons which are not your preference, but I would block them like how I block telemarkers calling my cell phone. Flat out tell them you're not interested in ugly weave wearing sheboons. Btw, those sites are full of fugly, avatar-level sheboons.

You don't need to be ashamed that you're not into nigresses. If you're looking for some avatar pictures, I suggest you pay a visit to one of the popular dating sites.

I should've known that the nasty erectus apes will ruin this new experience for me.

Every hour or two I get a notification from one of those sites telling me that some fugly wig-wearing sowpotamus has "liked" my profile. What makes these vomit-inducing shit-apes think that men are interested in bestiality???

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