Is harry styles dating a brunette text dating sites

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Harry Styles’ tattoo was inked by artist Kevin Paul back in August 2012, and corresponds with a tattoo of a penguin that Ed Sheeran has inked on his arm.According to Ed, “I mentioned [getting the matching tattoos]; he (Harry) was like, ‘Alright then.’” And the rest was history."Harry and Camille are in the early stages of dating," the source said. He seems besotted." Styles has already been asked about this relationship by his friend Nick Grimshaw during his BBC Radio 1 interview.

Apparently Harry and Joy, who met last year while Harry was dating Nadine Leopold and have been officially dating since March, have been spotted frolicking around L. recently, getting lunch and hitting up tattoo shops, which may be the reason behind Joy’s matching Pingu arm tattoo with Harry Styles.

Harry did ask Caroline out, but she politely declined, partially because of the 14 year age gap and also because she didn't think he was ready for a mature adult relationship.

A source told the outlet Styles is once again besotted. Styles started laughing which led Grimshaw to declare, "Oh, I think this is delayed from Camille. More emotion for a Chelsea boot than Camille Rowe." Styles hid his face behind the mic, a reaction that makes much more sense now with this intel.

That is, until Harry Styles’ new girlfriend showed up with the very same Pingu tattoo! But the question is, did Joy already have her “Pingu” arm tattoo when she met Harry, or did she get the ink as a tribute to her new beau?

According to one source, Harry met Joy Muggli through a mutual friend – music agent Jeff Azoff – and has been hanging out with the pretty brunette in L. Let us know what you all think of Harry Styles’ new girlfriend and their matching arm tattoos in the comments section below!

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