Intimidating football team names

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What is known is that in 1946 the school's moniker suddenly changed from the "Bulldogs" to the "Sun Devils." But who really cares who made the change? After all, a bulldog is a broad-shouldered, intimidating animal while a sun devil is a..... The teams are the Fighting Camels and Lady Camels, and the mascot is Gaylord the Camel.

The school is located in Buies Creek, North Carolina, an area that must be overrun with wild camels.

Those numbers were lovely, and they were probably useful for something. The choice of the kangaroo makes a lot of sense because of, um, all the kangaroos running free in Eastern Ohio? But if you've ever watched a minute of college football, you know the team is the Alabama Crimson Tide, not the Alabama Elephants.

The team got its name in 1907 during a game against Auburn played in a sea of mud.

It's become unavoidable — your fantasy football team name says a lot about you.

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His coomb was redder than the fyn coral, And batailled, as it were a castel wal.What's more, the University of Evansville, unlike most schools on this list, actually knows the precise history of its nickname and mascot.The name originated in a basketball game against the University of Louisville in the mid 1920s.The university's website does explain the choice of a Chantecleer, but the explanation somehow ignores the fact that Chaucer's Chanticleer is presented ironically with lots of mock chivalric language. As a member of the prestigious Ivy League, Cornell University must have had a lot of brain power to draw from when it needed to come up with a team name and mascot.Another possibility is that people in the Ivy League really don't care all that much about athletics.

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