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But for those of us who ARE into the 2 sigma range, it can be very frustrating to "dial back" in order to have a conversation with someone 50 IQ points lower.Knowledge of the world's problems destroys (or at least impedes) happiness.

This bizarre division between cognition and the rest of mental system seems very wrong. We want someone with intelligence approximately equal to our own, and ideally a bit higher.

We don't want a partner who is, relative to ourselves, an idiot, nor do we want someone far more intelligent, because that makes us the idiot.

Since most of the population is clustered around the center of the distribution curve (defined to be 100), it makes sense that the most popular IQ would be on the upper end of the bulge, around 120.

While their effect was observed for intelligence, there's reason to suspect that other traits might share this pattern: An excess quantity of any number of traits that are otherwise desirable might sour their owner's attractiveness.

Of note, a small sub-sample of the population report considerable sexual arousal by the conveyed high intelligence of others.

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