I am dating a girl out of my league

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He’s tall, handsome, has a good job, likes books—I could keep going about his excellent qualities, but I’m starting to sound creepy and my mother is going to read this (she’s already not thrilled).

Fun fact: He posted a photo with an alpaca in Peru this summer and I was unnerved.

I suddenly realized that I repeat this thought process for I’m attracted to.

With my newfound self-assurance, I decided to dig in: Why do I do this?

He says he’s growing and he’s constantly putting in the work to be better than he was before. Maybe I needed to hear that someone whom I’d placed on a higher pedestal could feel the way that I’ve often felt. Age: 29Occupation: Project Manager How we met: Will sat next to me in freshman year theology When I decided he was out of my league: The moment Will sat next to me in freshman year theology Why I thought he was out of my league: He’s the quintessential guy in college you ran into at lunch who made you nervous-giggle.

Out of my league is my home base, the place I operate from.He’s funny and he played hockey and he seems to have a handle on things. “It was a little bit of a shock, I had never viewed myself as that, as somebody that was unattainable,” he said.He appreciated the project though, and whatever I was trying to achieve in asking these questions.So, in the spirit of someone who can take ownership of being insecure, I decided to seek these guys out.I wanted to learn about these people I’d shoved out of my realm of possibility to see if my newfound confidence cast them in a different light.

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