Hunger games dating quiz

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Glimmer was killed by tracker jackers that Katniss, who was originally informed of the nest by Rue, sent down on the Career Tributes by cutting off the branch that held it.Glimmer, Clove, Marvel, Cato, the District 4 girl (in the book), and Peeta were camping at the bottom of the tree where Katniss was hiding.When Cato fell out of the tree due to his weight, Glimmer decided to try, but she quickly realized that the branches wouldn't support her either.It was obvious that she wasn't familiar with the bow and arrows, as she didn't hold the arrows straight and had a hard time nocking the arrow to the bowstring.Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Glimmer was the female tribute from District 1 in the 74th Hunger Games.The District 6 male pushes her to the ground, making Glimmer scream. Glimmer grabs a sword and watches as Cato kills the District 6 male.

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However, in the film, they were dressed in fuchsia outfits covered in shiny sequins and feathers, representing their district's main export, luxury goods.

This is a simulation of the The Hunger Games to test whether or not you could survive. I will take you all the way from the Reaping to Heaven.

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Shocked at the sudden attack, everyone but Glimmer and the girl from District 4 escaped to the lake.

Glimmer screamed hysterically for help, but no one came back for her.

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