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Surfline is proud to be able to provide the world’s most accurate and reliable surf reports for the cradle of surf civilization.

With swell arriving from all angles and myriad wind conditions, being tuned into the Oahu surf conditions and weather conditions will help ensure that you know when to go.

Contact the Helpline for support, resources and treatment options for yourself or a loved one.

Helpline volunteers are trained to help you find the information and support you are looking for. Read more You've decided it's time to seek help and we're so glad you did. These resources can help you take the first step to getting the help you deserve.

Read more Everyone deserves support for their eating concerns, and NEDA wants to connect you with resources that can help in addition to professional help.

These free and low cost support options offer ways to connect with others and provide tools to promote recovery.

Whereas the popularized image of the ‘Moscow–Washington hotline’ gives the illusion that vital communication in times of crisis is possible, these incidents reveal the reality that those who possess nuclear weapons will continue to be distrustful of one another and remain reliant on data transmitted by systems that are vulnerable to error or misjudgment, particularly when leaders have to respond too quickly to be able to make fully informed decisions.

Historical cases of near nuclear use resulting from misunderstanding demonstrate the importance of the ‘human judgment factor’ in nuclear decision-making.

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When and how have measures taken in order to prevent inadvertent use failed? In answering these questions, this study applies a risk lens, based on factoring probability and consequence, applied to a set of cases of near nuclear use spanning the Cold War to the 21st century.Responses that policy-makers and the military should consider include buying time for decision-making, particularly in crises; developing trust and confidence-building measures; refraining from large-scale military exercises during times of heightened tension; involving a wider set of decision-makers in times of crisis; and improving awareness and training on the effects of nuclear weapons.The NEDA Helpline is available Monday-Thursday from 9AM to 9PM ET, and Friday from 9AM to 5PM ET.In addition to cases from the Cold War, recent incidents, such as the 2009 collision of French and UK submarines, along with cases of misconduct in the US Air Force revealed in 2013, suggest cause for concern regarding current laxity in safety and security measures and in command and control.Incidents similar to those that have happened in the past are likely to happen in the future.

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