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If the breeding female dies, her mate changes his sex to female and the next largest fish becomes a sexually mature male. (Don't think about that for too long, Disney fans.) Many flowers, on the other hand, are protogynous, meaning their female organs (the pistil) mature before their male organs (the stamen).Those examples are just a sampling of nature's sex-changing smorgasbord: earthworms, sea stars, sea cucumbers, frogs, newts, salamanders, and many, many other types of fish all have some ability to change their sex. Doesn't it seem like nature had it pretty much figured out with the male-female dichotomy?Especially in amphibians, environmental factors such as pollution and a warming environment can cause animals to spontaneously change their sex. For example, a 2009 study found that Atrazine, a common herbicide, could make male frogs develop female sex organs. This can be explained by the genetic origins of the strain – Thai sativas, for example, usually reach a high percentage of hermaphrodite plants – or also by the technique used when producing seeds (GA3,…).Regardless its genetic sensitivity, a marijuana plant can also become hermaphrodite by the influence of stress.At the end of flowering, carefully check the trichomes so you don’t miss the harvest deadline.

Regular cannabis seeds are known for being less sensitive to hermaphroditism than feminized seeds, although this is not an axiom, we must carefully chech our plants for male flowers whatever the type of seed we are growing.Pruning and staking of the plants should be performed during their growth and/or pre-flowering stage (stretch), before the buds start developing.In order to lower the chances to get hermaphrodite plants, you should: mantain good environmental conditions in your growing space, a perfect hygiene, regularly monitor your timers , check your plants for insects and mites, water them regularly with a balanced nutrient solution.There are also what are known as sequential hermaphrodites, which is an organism that's born with one set of sex organs but can change them at some point in its life.If it's born as a male and switches to female, that's called protandry; the reverse, and it's called protogyny.

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