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Have your friend’s back I always knew I could count on her to share my perspective, regardless of the obstacle I was dealing with. While always willing to challenge me to think, I never doubted that her intent was to help me make the right choices and become a better person.

While we both are comfortable and capable in any professional setting, we also share an appreciation for a more colorful vocabulary.

It requires putting your energy and attention into other people.

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Encourage your friends After getting her husband’s email that day I sat and stared at my screen, thinking about all that she gave to her friends and family. I remembered the night I called her in tears when my then wife told me she wanted a divorce. her response: “you got this.” We all put far too much pressure and doubt in our own minds, and need friends that believe in us…

relentlessly, even when we don’t believe it ourselves.

I always: 1) learned something 2) became a better person 3) felt like I could conquer the world.

Through her actions, she taught me some of the key elements to being a great friend: Focus on your friends Being a truly great friend requires a lot of selflessness.

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