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You want to try the leg-press machine, but the last user left heavy weights on it. Situate yourself near the hottie in your yoga class.When the instructor asks everyone to pair up for a headstand drill, ask him to be your partner.

Would you mind if I climbed on your board for a second so I can get a better view of the beach?

Lift your hair and show him the other earring so he can help you in your search.

When you both hit the floor, lock eyes with him, then smile when you're just inches away from each other's lips.

If you're feeling bold, type in your name and phone number.

If possible, add in the line, "I'd love to take a closer look at the merchandise." After taking a big sip of your mocha so your smackers get doused with whipped cream, ask if there's any whipped cream on your lip. Ask to borrow the movie section of his newspaper to see what's playing that night and casually inquire if he's seen any good flicks lately.

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