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This too was statistically significant when compared to the control, with a 16% difference.

Over 91% agreed that “After chatting I feel more confident I can deal with the main issue I chatted about,” and 62% of these folks strongly agreed. By the last survey at three months, more than half (56%) of the Chat/Text arm got to a health center. And if you look at appointments scheduled and health center attendance at the 90-day mark, 67% of those who used Chat/Text either had an appointment or had been to a health center.We recruited 3,334 participants, most through the Planned Parenthood website, with some additional folks through digital marketing. The three outcomes we were most interested in were: (1) scheduling an appointment, (2) visiting a health center, and (3) using a highly effective form of contraception. Group #2, the website group, was treated as our control.Participants had to identify as female, be between 15 and 24 years old, and have had sex within the last 30 days. The resources they used are those that would be available to users if Chat/Text didn’t exist. We screened 26,230 potential participants and 40% of them met the eligibility criteria.We also found that Chat/Text users were significantly more likely to know about the most effective forms of birth control (the implant and IUD)—nearly three-quarters (73%), compared to 65% of the control group.We also found differences in willingness to use these highly effective methods when comparing the Chat/Text arm to the community sample.

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