Dreambox an error occurred updating the password file dating group ru

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To try and clear the problem right click on your payroll shortcut and select the option “Run as administrator“. When you then see the repair message click “Yes” and the software should correct itself.

If you are still getting this message when starting the software it could be caused on a networked installation where the workstation PC(s) are not running the same version as the server.

If the elevated user doesn’t have the network drive mapped you will need to use the NET USE command.

If you are not sure, before downloading, check in the help menu of your software.When updating the software, if you install to the wrong location you will be asked to provide your licence details at start up and you will not see your data.If you are not sure what the correct location is, before running the update, right click on your shortcut and select “Properties”. This is the location you need to install your update to.If the mapped drive isn’t available to select, either the drive mapping hasn’t started for the elevated user or the elevated user doesn’t have that drive mapped to begin with.Clicking the “Browse” button and selecting a different location and then clicking “Browse” again will usually kick-start the drive mapping for the elevated user.

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