Does the rla need updating

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This includes payments to third parties, either for services throughout the tenancy or for specific performance of a job and loans from third parties.In short this means that pretty much any fee that is in the tenancy agreement will be void unless it is exempt.If a landlord or agent takes a prohibited payment after that date they will have 28 days to return it or be considered in breach of this legislation.

The government believes this is unlikely to happen though, as tenants will shop around for the lowest price.And it is not necessary for a central heating system. But I have left work for 3 months to supervise the renovation work. Do I have the right by serving notice force them to move out when I renovate their flat. I would provide an alternative accommodation, of course. While this is yet to come into force, and draft legislation is always subject to change, it is very likely to come into force in much the same format so landlords and agents should start considering the impact on their business now.This guide will act as a primer for landlords and agents to help them prepare for these upcoming changes.

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