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I consider myself one of those that would fall under the social grouping of “Black Professionals”. One is that they tend to pick up (and hold on to) some of our worst stereotypes, and their misunderstandings come off as irritating.When I find time to actually socialize, I tend to find myself looking for black professional events to hang out with supposedly like-minded people. Their Americanization sways their perspectives of the life that we, African-Americans, know through our experiences.She worked hard to make partner of her law firm or to get the two BMWs in her driveway.Then…one day…she woke up and realized that she has no man, no children, and no one to share her success with. She was in the wedding party of five weddings last year. Her biological clock sounds like the beating of a bass drum.

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Make her laugh or give her the much-needed compliment right away because she doesn’t get that much. Depending on what she is looking for (because it is up to her and her only), you might make the roster.Be prepared to sync your calendar to hers and be on call when she has time.You may enjoy the rare visits to her plush apartment or 5-star hotel nights and dinners at no expense to you; you only have to make her smile and feel good. for about 10 years or more and have managed to maintain their ties back home.ft townhouse in Alexandria, and unnecessarily shops at Whole Foods as more of a status symbol than for the organic veggies.

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