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The idea that the cooks would wash all the dishes themselves during service, for instance.That had been a kind of principled thing for Chang—he felt that no one who worked for Momofuku should be too proud to help out with the grossest tasks in the kitchen—but it was still a really bad idea.Ssäm Bar was Chang’s second restaurant; Ko was his third.Chang is only thirty, but in the past couple of years he has unexpectedly and, in his mind, accidentally and probably fraudulently, become one of the most celebrated chefs in the country.He is way too neurotic to handle this, however, so he compensates by representing himself as a bumbling idiot.He is five feet ten, built like a beer mug, and feels that most food tastes better with pork. He has worked with Chang for a couple of years, after a job at Bouley.

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Bill Telepan runs the restaurant Telepan, on the Upper West Side. He’s like, ‘This is the smallest fucking place I’ve ever gotten into.’ You’re a dumb man, Serpico.

He still doesn’t have a closet: he drops his clothes at the laundry, then just takes stuff as he needs it right out of the bag. If he isn’t eating at the restaurant, he usually gets Mc Donald’s or KFC.

Serpico’s habits are not unusual among the cooks at Momofuku.

Maybe we’ll make it the consistency of the tofu.”“Doesn’t Jean Georges have that fluke with a buttermilk dressing and champagne grapes? “It’s fucking badass, over fluke.”David Chang and Peter Serpico were sitting in the basement office of Momofuku Ssäm Bar, going over what they had to get done before the opening of Ko.

The stoves were in, and the gas was ready to be turned on, but they couldn’t cook there yet, because the fire-extinguishing system wasn’t installed.

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