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This is in a world where Jack and Katherine aren't dating... Also, things may get a little racy here and there"How about a game? " Those 4 innocent words caused havoc on a small apartment in the middle of Manhattan, on a steamy summer's night. – Tom Lawlor is interviewed and gets attacked and laid out by Contra. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka is joined by Steven Jefferson Douglas Cook. He attacks Meanie with the bat and pins him for the elimination. Overall, Battle Riot II was a good match with some odd pacing but they did a nice job of continuing the established rivalries throughout, which was appreciated. The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 8.Champion Tom Lawlor defeated Jimmy Havoc @ via pin [***] : MJF and Dan Severn start us off. Severn catches him with a German, and then a clothesline. He lays in kicks on Wolf, hits a suplex and MJF cuts him off. They shake hands and Severn starts throwing MJF around. Tanaka and Severn trade strikes and #6 is Jordan Oliver. He runs wild with chops and kicks, and comes face to face with Fenix. Hart follows and works him over with rights and a suplex follows. Hart the posts him and steals MJF’s Champaign, allowing Austin to fire back with kicks and rights. Romero & Hughes take control of things as #20 is Ace Austin. Samael and Gotch sneak in through the crowd and Contra runs wild on the field. Contra pours “gas” on them and Atlas security makes the save.

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The guys will discuss the possibility of Smackdown going to three hours, thoughts on Scarlett’s Debut & Allie’s Death on Impact, and then break down Wrestle Mania 35.

Lawlor cuts off the acid rainmaker with a suplex, but then gets sent into a chair. Havoc brings in chairs, makes a bridge with a door and takes Lawlor up top.

He sets chairs up on the bridge but Lawlor counters into a powerbomb into the structure for 2. The Blondes work together, working over Romero & Avalanche.

" She joked, and Davey held his hands over Les' ears.

" On the small balcony" Race dis it, and Old Miss Liol who lived below, cried for the 'crazy hooligans to shut it! " She grinned a little, but did so, smirking when she saw the boy's eyes following her, "like what ya see?

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