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GINA CAFASSO is the created the blog, Lipstick, Shoes, Men and Other Pointy Things in 2014.She is the Co-Founder and Co-Host of the podcast, Two Fab Femmes., Dream Works SKG, Disney, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., AKQA, and the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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I started a group and blog with a friend of mine and have a great time writing posts that are fun, helpful, health-related, and pertaining to my own or friends experiences. I hopefully make those who read my posts, relate, think, learn something new, and laugh along.

Amy became a true athlete for the first time at the ripe young age of 38.

Because of her late start, Amy understands the physical and emotional challenges present in starting on a new path and wants to use that knowledge to help others as they begin their own journey.

Amy has experience working in a variety of environments including military, firefighting, and special education.

In addition to programming sport-specific resistance training, Amy enjoys teaching strength, balance, and flexibility as well as helping people meet their weight loss and general fitness goals.

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