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Commitment of wills within a mutual covenant relationship. Consummation of bodies within a context of co-habitation.

"Flipped out.." "Couldn't help myself." Romanticism and sentimentalism.

Respectful of the other person's values, standards and opinions.

A decision to relate to the other person at every level - spiritual, psychological and physical.

Groom sometimes selected, and had family arrange - Judges 14:2 c.

Mate selection by romantic attraction, dating process.

Is there a mutual decision to follow God's leading together?

Taking advantage of another (age, height, weight, looks, intellect, emotional maturity, spiritual maturity, social standings, social skills, psychological understanding, place of authority, financial superiority, etc.) 6. Need for love, acceptance, relating, bonding, belonging, to be valued, affirmed, excitement, identity, etc.

" life." Totally preoccupied in attention and time.

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