Dating tips i learned from being a waitress

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Beyond the memory games, the course included pearls like: Don't ask table 51 if they would like "another" cocktail, ask if they would like a "fresh" cocktail—the former may make them feel like a boozehound. Did someone just show up with a gigantic stroller and ask your server to park it? Is the screwy waiter losing it over how much silverware your server didn't polish?

It's an adopted role and you are, in fact, serving someone and getting paid to do it.

Perhaps some of my hipper colleagues feel bad about themselves.

It's not as if society hails waiters and waitresses—trust me, I just spent a week at the beach with my white-shoed grandfather and never disclosed the profession that I actually really enjoy.

It started with a group of waiters and waitresses standing around banquet trays covered with spoons, matchbooks, limes, and pens of various varieties.

We were told to study what we saw, return to our seats and write down everything we could remember: good memories could make us excellent servers.

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