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Before you answer, I’ll share my thoughts: If I were looking for a relationship-relationship (and not just someone to “have fun with”), I personally would not date anyone more than three years younger (and maybe four or five years older) any time before turning 30.

My question to you is how important is age and physical appearance?

I am sure if he and I dated 10 years ago, we'd be fine. I like him so much but to be embarrassed about being seen with someone is not a good sign. at what age does the age difference no longer matter?

You're just being honest, and attraction is important.

Also, your concerns about taking care of an older person are legit. I can't give you any stats about age differences and when they no longer matter.

Sure, there are rare exceptions, but, in most cases, there’s so much development, experiences, and maturity that happen in one’s 20s that the difference between someone in his or her early-to-mid 20s and someone in his or her late 20s is vast.

Every guy comes to the realization that being jealous of your guy friends just makes him look sad and lame. Added bonus: He'll probably get along with your parents better because he's a little (tiny! Not that he's old, but he'll rock out to Hendrix with your dad in the man cave and not feel too weird about it. Having seen more than two vulvas, he knows each is a beautiful and unique orchid and he won't hesitate to compliment yours. He doesn't give a shit if you haven't shaved in a few days. I.e., he won't be one of those lamewads who clings to your friend group and sits around the house eating Cheez-Its and waiting for you to come over and watch Netflix with him. If he likes you, why would he avoid you until it's deemed societally appropriate to text?– confused and uncertain (and hopefully not shallow), Boston Please break up with Joe.If you were really into him, you'd be defending the relationship instead of pointing out his flaws. You'd be coming up with ways to make the age difference seem less significant. Yes, you do come off a bit shallow in this letter (so does he), but I don't care about that. Have you ever seen an early-twentysomething guy get handed a baby?Maybe the Noah to your Allie is the better comparison here.

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