Dating slovak guys

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Before I get into what it’s like being a black person traveling in Slovakia, I should let you know that this post is actually part of a longer post on my blog called Being a Black Traveler in Eastern Europe and Slavic Europe by country.

That is why this summary of my experience as a black traveler in Slovakia is not so long.

It's in stark contrast to what I see in England where I consistently see chubby, slovenly 5/6s with good looking guys. Words honestly fail me at how often I'm seeing tall, decent-looking guys - and smartly dressed at that - with overtly fat girls waddling in toe.

The only thing I can conclude from this is how little bargaining power guys have in the UK in the dating market, a fact which is confirmed by my own experience over the last few years here.

Racism particularly is a learned behavior passed down from generations of families in western countries where there are generations of black citizens to practice racism, discrimination and segregation on.

Eastern Europeans haven’t had centuries to develop these institutionalized and social habits.

Yes - the busted dude test is valid there, but the new generation of men are getting more good-looking and taller - similarly to Poland.

I spend at least a few weeks each year in Slovakia with my Slovak girlfriend (we live in England).

I see both the capital Bratislava and the rural eastern villages and towns, where you won't find any foreigners. And that's kind of expected too, and seen as the natural order of the universe.

Although, I did go out one night and I felt like because I was wearing a more revealing outfit, I received more stares. Check out my Black Girl Traveler Survival Guide if you are interested to know how I work around living in a country that doesn’t have all the comforts of home for black women.

It's been asserted repeatedly that it's possible for a guy to date up in Poland, but I was curious as to whether this phenomenon is as readily observable in neighbouring Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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