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The meal went smoothly, and it was starting to feel like old times again. Man, these things were so wet last night, it was like you stuck them in a sink full of water!

Afterward, Veronica told Samuel that she would do the dishes, then probably go to bed—she was feeling tired.

When I went back to assign those little “day” labels in parentheses under each section title, I realized I had my characters merrily going into work on Saturday and Sunday. There was a long sniffing sound as Veronica clenched her teeth.

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Archiving: You are welcome to discreetly repost or archive this, just do not change it, steal from it or claim credit for it. Author’s rambling: For those of you that have been enjoying this story and have waited too long for this next installment, I apologize. The only things I can offer by way of whining excuses are mundane-life busyness and exuberant but undisciplined creativity.

I was happily scribbling away on this story back in February.

At the same time, things got busy at my “real world” job as my company picked up some new clients.

Normally, I do most of my scribbling in the hotel room at night, but the last few months I’ve been working nights as well. It’s either: 1) plot out the scaffold upon which to hang your chapters beforehand; or, to quote a character from a Steve Martin movie, 2) “I think that if everyone just flossed more frequently, the world would be a much better place.” You decide.

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