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He could be anyone, his thoughts and feelings are probably shared by many others out there.

I came across this post on Facebook and found it so interesting and compelling I felt it should be shared with more people.

This is also why we see a high dependance on the young in a family to taking care of the elderly of these tribes.

The elderly depend heavily on the young to survive.

Of course all these hazards could be minimized if the marriage happens between two of the same tribe.

Meta tribes What is interesting in my opinion is the backlash that non-tribal families had because of this.

Similar marriage and partnership rituals grew out of this too.

Families will choose to reject suiters for a lady from an “incompatible” because of the family’s social status, religious values, financial situation, association with other families that might or might not be of compatible nature.

I am a proud person, I hate begging for acceptance.

I grew up being a non-tribal geeky nerd kid in the center of all Saudi Arabian tribalism.

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