Dating psychic guild

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The man propped her against the beam, dumped his shoulder bag beside her carry-on, and weaved down the concourse after the thief, leaving her admiring his tall, well-toned body encased in a navy pinstripe suit and his flawlessly layered deep-brown hair.“Ma’am, do you need assistance?

He licked his lips, his attention riveted on her boobs, AKA melons. His internal monologue killed the clutter in her head.

“Officer Radisson.” She nodded at his name tag and covered her nose from the cheap cologne he marinated in.

“Some jackass assaulted me and ran off with my purse.” She flicked her hand in the direction the thief and his pursuer traveled.

Marisa had not spent nearly enough time consoling Lily after her father’s recent death and the entire upheaval of Lily’s life from San Diego to San Jose. She wasn’t an empath who sensed emotions and feelings. Telepathy already topped the list of her undesirable traits from the men she dated.

The sensation of eyes trailing her as she disembarked the plane and walked into the terminal sent ants scampering up her spine. Was she gaining a shift in her psychic makeup, or did she possess awakening abilities? Once she discovered he’d never get past the fact that she was a self-dependent lawyer and made a crapton more money than he did, she kicked him to the curb.

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