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Indigo blue was a deep blue, although Prussian (Lafayette) blue and light blue was also available.Pinks and dark roses were also seen most likely made from a madder dyes. The mid 1800's saw more appliqu quilts being made, with more elaborate quilting.The maker was Elizabeth Belling Arundel, a member of one of the leading Catholic families of England, and the chasuble has remained in the possession of the Arundel family from that time.(Photograph by Jim Pascoe reproduced by kind permission of Lord Talbot of Malahide)." In colonial America, thread and needles were expensive.

Home dyes used onionskin, nut shells and bark to create yellows, browns and greens, but they were not used as commonly as myth has it.

Sumac, birch, oak, woodshed in general and iron made black.

Indigo blue and turkey red were very reliable dyes as they were made by the process for which the color was named.

Reliable permanent dyes were widely available in the mid 1800's.

However, green was considered fugitive - it often washed out or faded.

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