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Apparently, the very next night she had tried even harder to seduce my dad.When I came into the living room there she was laying there again this time in a flimsy nightie.Before I knew what I was doing I walked closer to get a better look. Besides, if nothing else I had to at least touch that ass even if mom got pissed off at me. I moved my hand quickly to the top of the ass cheek closest to me. Feeling her firm but soft cheek in my hand was more than I could take.But, just as I was thinking about pulling down the panties she squirmed in her sleep.Being only 20 years old and her son I admit I was chicken.My experiences with the opposite sex had been limited.

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I even heard her call him a "frigid son of a bitch." Sure enough an hour later there she was in that sexy shortie nightie spread out on the couch.There is no way in hell we can do this.""Mom, we already are," I smirked as I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth as she placed a hand on my shoulder."Fuck, Jim, no.I tell you what you can kiss my breasts but that is it.Naturally, mom did not appear on the couch that night.But, even worse I did not find her there for the next week.

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