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Matchmaking may seem like an odd profession for a millennial, but Three Day Rule has six locations and 19 matchmakers like Gershowitz.At a time when it has never been easier to meet significant others (or insignificant others) through an app or website, the company is raising money for plans to open 40 offices that offer old-fashioned matchmaking services.Sometimes, I would strike up a conversation about the user’s profile and wait a few messages to reveal that I was a matchmaker working on behalf of my client. I know this sounds unusual, but I’m actually not here for myself.I’m a matchmaker at a dating service, and I have a hunch that you and my client might really hit it off.Sunday magazine called “Dinner with Cupid.” Two people would go out, and then the magazine would interview both people about how it went and publish a rundown of their date.When I got to college, I pitched a similar version for the NYU student-run campus blog. I definitely had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I really enjoyed it. Being a fly on the wall for these incredible women talking about books and sex was the most iconic, legendary thing I’ve ever gotten to do. Jean an email thanking her for allowing me to work on it and letting her know that I also did some matchmaking on campus, because I knew she had a matchmaking company called Tawkify.I would meet a client for lunch, cocktails, or coffee, and I would just talk to them for two hours about their past relationships, what they were attracted to, what they were looking for, what their deal-breakers were. I found that women tended to be more picky when it came to lifestyle elements, whereas men tended to be more shallow when it came to looks. There was one client who said she only dated successful, world-famous, A-list DJs, and her matches also had to be physically fit and really into literature, specifically the genre of literature she preferred.

I used a variety of different methods to find dates for my clients.

Half the battle of dating is just keeping an open mind and being really enthusiastic, energetic, and passionate about the process. At best, I had one on-again off-again relationship from college, and that was the most serious experience I’d had with love. To call up a person or to meet them for drinks and then say, “Tell me about your last heartbreak,” “Tell me about what you like in the bedroom,” “Tell me about your hopes and fears and anxieties about dating,” and then do that ten times a day is a lot.

And then to try to help other people find that when I didn’t have that myself was really unusual. I was also fresh off a brutal breakup when I was going into this job, which made it really difficult.

I set up two students and chose where they’d go out. I really just meant it as a way to show her that we had things in common because I loved her work so much, but a minute after I sent it, I had an email in my inbox saying, “How can I convince you to come work for me?

” Before I started working with clients, there were a series of video trainings that aspiring matchmakers from all over the country would Skype into.

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