Dating male taurus

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She is often tidy to a tee, hard working, and has a reputation for being critical of those around her.In a relationship, she is a sincere mate unless she finds her man to be unreliable.He is more a man of action than of words, and likes to demonstrate the kind of person he is physically — rather than trying to communicate verbally.

The Virgo woman can be disturbed by the unpredictable emotions of the world around her, but Taurus man knows how to make her feel completely safe.

On the other hand, there are certain realities that might go flying over the head of strong Taurus man, but her keen eye catches everything and makes sure that he takes care of those things as well.

His sense of humor brings out a lighter side of her clever mind, which helps her to relax more than she’s accustomed to and her calm surface makes him feel more relaxed with her making their togetherness a state of the art perfection.

Both, the Virgo woman and Taurus man are sensual lovers, appreciating the simple pleasures of sex.

Sexually, he is more capable of calming his Virgo partner’s nervous nature than most lovers, helping to make her feel whole and a lot more comfortable in his arms.

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