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The course of symptoms occurs in two main patterns initially: either as episodes of sudden worsening that last a few days to months (called relapses, exacerbations, bouts, attacks, or flare-ups) followed by improvement (85% of cases) or as a gradual worsening over time without periods of recovery (10–15% of cases).

Theories try to combine the data into likely explanations, but none has proved definitive.

(Permission is necessary to breach patient-doctor confidentiality.) Then talk to your lover and try to sort out, with tenderness, how you both feel. The decision to stay together forever, however, just might.

This is a moment for great strength and bravery on both your parts. Interestingly, couples who do ultimately choose to stay together have a great chance of a successful marriage.

Environmental factors may play a role during childhood, with several studies finding that people who move to a different region of the world before the age of 15 acquire the new region's risk to MS.Proposed mechanisms include the hygiene hypothesis and the prevalence hypothesis.The hygiene hypothesis proposes that exposure to certain infectious agents early in life is protective, the disease is a response to a late encounter with such agents.If you determine you do not want to remain with someone who has MS, you must identify the reason and explain it lovingly.In the words of the Seven Sages, "Know thyself." Then once you do, you must reveal to your partner that you are too fearful, too selfish, too inflexible, and so on.

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