Dating deal online

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But common sense cannot be enough when emotions are involved and there’s a great manipulator on the other side of the screen.

Cybercriminals never sleep and the data show that they’re succeeding.

One of the most important things for dating services is establishing trust in customers.

Even the most user-friendly experience won’t help if people don’t feel safe enough while using the site or app.

This is why you need anti-fraud systems with well-optimized fraud rules that will help you prevent various types of abuse.

Bearing this in mind, choose solutions that provide fraud systems, so you’re notified about any suspicious activity as soon as it occurs.

And the thing is that the faster new technologies develop, the more likely they are to become the target of fraudsters.

You can count on users’ common sense or ability to verify people they flirt with through social media etc.They also make as many connections and spam as many people as possible.Cybercriminals always target a specific group of people and know how to touch their emotions to get what they want.It happens when someone creates a fake identity and starts a relationship with a victim with the intent to steal their sensitive data.According to Scam Tracker there were 44,434 scam reports across the USA and Canada last year (from June 11, 2018 to June 11, 2019).

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