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The price values of nineteenth century Baccarat paperweights vary, depending on the rarity of the design and the condition of the paperweight.Provided there are minimal air bubbles in the hand-blown glass, with no nicks, scratches or chips in the glass surface, these paperweights can fetch up to five thousand dollars and more.In nineteenth century Baccarat paperweights the signatures are located to one side of the design and never in the center.The dates can appear in the base of the paperweight so the date is visible as part of the paperweight design.Baccarat paperweights were identified by the following markings, the letter B and the date following it.

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This was created by Jean-Baptiste Toussaint from the inspiration of a drawing made by his nine year old nephew.

Canes were both in floral and star shape but Baccarat also came out with something called the silhouette cane, meaning that the silhouette shape of a person or animal appeared in the center of the cane.

These canes were utilized in many paperweights, frequently mixed with the floral and star canes, packed close together.

The canes are pink and white while the center canes are blue and white. The perimeter of the paperweight is a circle of smaller floral canes.

One paperweight with an animal in the center is of a dragonfly with rainbow colored wings, sitting on a white flower with green leaves. Another paperweight has green shamrock canes in the center, surrounded by another circle of floral canes, with a third circle of floral canes, and a last circle of butterfly silhouette canes.

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