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Though it has yet to be mentioned, or discussed onscreen, it appears that John Ross's music career was not a success.

Instead, he traveled to Nashville to pursue a career in music.However, John Ross still has a few lessons to learn and J. When John Ross's schemes culminate in the end of his relationship with Elena, he teams up with- and later winds up falling for and marrying Christopher's ex-wife, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, the daughter of J.R.'s nemesis, Cliff Barnes and their union is reminiscent of John Ross's uncle Bobby Ewing's marriage to Cliff's half-sister and Pamela's namesake Pamela Barnes Ewing.John Ross is all about leaving his mark on the world and the Ewing legacy as a whole.From 1983, the role was played solely by young adult actor Omri Katz, who played the character until the series' conclusion in 1991.

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