Dating arabian girls

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“They’re getting crazier and crazier,” said Turki, 35, an employee at a government ministry who accused the religious police of using a woman to set him up on social media.

Despite being married, he began flirting with the mysterious woman on Snapchat a year ago and was later detained by the police after attempting to meet her, he said.

Because of the sensitivity of the topic, she and other people interviewed for this article spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In the era of social networks, traditional matchmaking can seem superfluous to young Saudis such as Muhammad, 25, a resident of Riyadh who works at a government agency.Saudi Arabia goes to notorious lengths to prevent unsanctioned romance.So citizens of this conservative kingdom are increasingly turning to social-media networks to pursue relationships and plan forbidden rendezvous, people here say.Her friend Sarah, an 18-year-old university classmate, encouraged her to consider it.“We shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of what is normal behavior everywhere else,” said Sarah, who glowed in eyeliner and blush.

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