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Some people think that if a person stays in an abusive relationship, she or he must be weak or needy. There is more to this issue than simply leaving or staying. She may stay for religious reasons or because she does not want to break up the family.

A woman may fear that the abuser will hurt her and her children or take her children away. Also, she may still love her abuser and hope that things will get better. Men who are being abused may have similar feelings. They are also likely to have long-lasting (chronic) health problems, such as .

Let the person know you are willing to listen whenever he or she wants to talk. He or she often knows the situation best and when it is safest to leave.Reassure the person that the abuse is not his or her fault and that no one deserves to be abused.If the person has children, gently point out that you are concerned that the violence is affecting them.These early signs of abuse may happen soon after the start of the relationship and might be hard to notice at first.After the relationship becomes more serious, the abuse may get worse.

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