Dating a punjabi guy

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Set them down and said he's dating someone that isn't one of them, and they started crying. Then they started laughing because they thought it was a joke. it does make it 'easier' to relate or share common things. You'd think that coming to America they'd understand that this was a potential outcome of coming here, right?but how it is their culture to just want to marry the same person. Sometimes I feel like the people here in America are more strict and deep in their 'ways' and 'culture' than people actually living I'm India.Match has numerous advanced filtering options that allow you to get as specific about your needs as you want, including location, ethnicity, and religion.

I know its the culture but why does my color and lack of the Sikh faith bring so much shame to his parents?You Rascal, Y R U creating a bad images of Sikhs, Don't comment if you are not aware of anything. A poor white girl has been taken for a ride by a sikh guy.Next year he will be demanding that his wife is a virgin (fat chance) you should address the hypocricy not Islam.If a muslim was stupid to behave like that, he'd get duffed.Instead of criticising me, look at your own problem.

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