Dating a friends ex fling

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Often the walls used for protection are the same walls that hinder the development of intimacy.

You may genuinely want to find a loving relationship, but your fear gets in the way.

As long as you're just in it for the fun, sex with an ex can be a positive.

"Not only are you already comfortable with this person sexually, but also there's little at stake since the relationship aspect is over," says Tina Tessina, Ph.

Make sure you're not shutting out any prospects that pop up. The sex is fantastic, but your feelings don't run deep.

In the past, there was still a large group of adults who didn’t participate in social media platforms. According to recent Pew Data, as many as 88 percent of American adults between the ages…

You may have any of the following thoughts when you experience a ghosting: Did we have an actual connection…

Dating alert: Whether your date does or doesn’t ask you questions about yourself and your overall life means a lot.

Recently, my social media feed was filled with a light-blue line drawing of a woman riding a crane over the ocean, as readers across the globe heaped praise on an essay by novelist CJ Hauser.

“I finished reading this and realized I’d had my hand over my heart almost the…

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