Dating 4 years no commitment

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If your relationship was strictly physical from the start, trying to establish a friendship after the fling is probably not a good idea.

No matter how casual the relationship may have been, you might feel somewhat emotional in the wake of its demise, and that’s perfectly normal.

He wants to wait til we can see each other all the time.

Im confused should I wait for him or is he playing mind games with me again? Well the only reason of me leaving was that my grandpa was dying and that was his last wish.

My ex boyfriend and I broke up this summer for many reason.

If you are ready to move on from a relationship in which there was no commitment, there are certain factors you should take into consideration.

Don’t assume that a lack of commitment in a relationship makes it acceptable to also have a lack of respect.

No matter what type of arrangement you had with the person you were involved with, letting him know when that arrangement has come to an end is a matter of respect and common courtesy.

I had never heard him or seen him cry like he did before.

We worked things out like we usually do and he told me all these things.

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