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He is a forestry graduate of : the University of Idaho and has an , M. The board accepted an offer by The Bend Bulletin of a plaque award to be presented next year with names of students inscribed upon it who will have won honors in achievement and scholarship. The new center leader's experience includes summer employ-ment with the Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon and a for est protection association in Ida ho. Bids on fuel and gasoline supplies will be opened at the regular meeting on July 8. EV J-J805 IP WEDNESDAY WIGHT Two Bend girli, Judy Harshman 1 ana uar Dara Hansen, will attend the national convention of Future uubiness ieaaers oi America! He had visited the Centennial grounds earlier and said he was greatly impressed with the tri-county booth, which he considered second only to one other. Central feature of the booth is a ma D of Central Orecon. ..the cow 1.00 Boys' If you want to slenderize, round out a curve, or stay lovely as you are . Get a loaf or two of AUNT MARTHA' S OLD FASHIONED BREAD today. size All Colors THONGS Children's, Ladies' and Men's BEND 51 Greenwood Ave. I nisu unending irom Bona will Be inu i-uduier sponsor, mrs. Robert Becker, Bend centennial chairman, told Lions club members at their luncheon meeting Tuesday. AUNT MARTHA' S OLD FASHIONED BREAD is com-plotoly different, thoroughly memorable. Start enjoying tho full, rich flavor of old-fashioned, home-mado bread.The Bend Bulletin, Wednesday, June 10, 1959 5 FINAL STOCKS Leniency ruling Wafermasfer Perry's budget for 1959-60 is clarified Briefs-- - Here and There program, on "Colorful Characters chutes county tax monies. $:o is contributed by the Central Oregon Irrigation District and ,734,311 by Jctfcrson, Crook and Klamath counties. member of the Redmond Union High School Board of Directors, whose resignation a few weeks ago was tabled in the hope he would maintain his residence here, requested definite acceptance at the regular meeting this week. The published summary shows total expenses of ,226 for 53-59. Egg informed (lie board he had purchased an ice cream store near Independence, Oregon, and intended to move there permanently with his family. PORTLAND DAIRY Eggs To retailers: Grade AA large, 38-39C doz.; A large, 37-38c; AA medium, 32-34C; AA small, 25-27c; cartons l-3c additional. In and Out of hotpifoh In Central Oregon BEND Admitted to St. fed steers 29 with 4 head out at 28; few utility cows 17.50-19. spring lambs 22-22.50; good lots 21 - 21.50: good choice 65 85 lb. An estimated 15 carloads of apples and stacks of packing cartons were burned. The flames quickly burned through Uie big structure and left only a concrete shell standing.

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Baldwin broke the probation tonus by leaving Deschutes county without permission, it was pointed out. 8 to 12 pm FREE PRIZES sources other than Deschutes county taxes; those for the earlier two years do not. In addition to his 00 salary as watcrmaster this past year, Perry also received a month as civil defense director until sev-I oral months ago, when William C. with James as full-time director, at a salary of 00. fense director about three years, and was paid the monthly stipend "eight or ten months," as he recalls. The plaintiff asks for court approval of a property settlement and support agreement filed separately, and asks that the defendant have custody of the two elder children and that the two younger ones remain with her. Lions plan a special meeting on July 7 for the installation of officers and distribution of Monarch awards, with wives of the members to be present. For the remainder of the summer, the clubmen are to meet at the Superior dining room on Bond Street. S, 1947, in Goldcndale, Wash., and have four minior children, boys 10 and 8 and girls 9 and 4. Announcement was also made at the Lions' meeting of the formal opening of the Bend Centennial headquarters, on the south highway, this afternoon. Chapter At members, PEO Sisterhood, will meet Thursday for 1 o'clock luncheon at the home of Mrs. Mid-state booth outstanding' The Central Oregon booth, which opened today at the exposition center in Portland, is outstanding, The Rev. Whether you have the plump outline of a pillow, the firm figure of a ballerina, or the craggy silhouette of a coat hanger, there Is a special milk for youl Skim milk for the pillows, buttermilk for the ballerinas, and creamy homogenized milk for the creggy ones ... They'll love the unique new country-size loaf, and i U hearty, man-sized slices. Activities tonight include meeting ot Jobs Daughters, at 7 o'clock at the Masonic Temple, and the following at 8 o'clock: Skyline Squares, Bendonian Studio; Deschutes county Grange ag riculture meeting, Eastern Star Grange hall; American Legion Auxiliary, courthouse assembly room. A letter of thanks to the Kiwanis Club for the commencement party it gave to graduating seniors was also approved. WITH OLD-TIME GOODNESS AUNT MARTHA' S OLD FASHIONED BREAD Every member of the family will enjoy everything about AUNT MARTHA' S OLD FASHIONED BREAD.

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