Craigs dating list com

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There are some that criminal use to attract their victim.

You must be very vigilant and think clearly when answering an advertisement.

10 News in its pursuit of the story has obtained a search warrant for a person named Rashon Abernathy whom police are suspecting of being behind at least one phony Craigslist transaction in the weeks leading to Berki’s killing.

Abernathy has posted an ad for a Macbook Pro for only 0.

Abernathy has since became an person of interest by Police by virtue of a few other fake Craigslist ad and a number of robbery cases that happened upon meet ups of probable buyers and sellers who advertised at Craigslist.

Comments(14) Craigslist filed a lawsuit against e Bay for creating an online advertising site that is closely similar with Craigslist.

The lady was very excited about the job because the employer informed her that he would give her a ,400 check wherein she would get the 0 for her salary and the rest is for a painter that was supposed to fetch her and take her to the job site.

The San Jose e-commerce company was also sued by the San Francisco Craigslist because of some confidential information that they used from the negotiation while preparing secretly to start a rival businesses.

e Bay won the case in Delaware court and the Craigslist California lawsuit was put on hold until the Delaware case was decided and some Judge Kramer’s decision of rejecting the e Bay’s plea because of the Delaware court’s findings.

Legitimate employers never give out money out front or even ask you to cash a check before working.

It will be your first time reporting for work why would they trust you right away? They would always ask you to go to the job site with the address they provided. at that time and are not far from each other but they never really met or even talked on the phone.

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