Consolidating with great lakes

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Great Lakes, based in Madison, WI, has a company slogan of “Doing what’s right.” As a privately-held non-profit entity, Great Lakes uses the profit from their operation to propel its philanthropic ideals of getting as many students as possible to pursue their education goals.Great Lakes believes in the power of education, but it recognizes that some segments of the population are far less likely to go to college – and those students could really unlock their potential and change the trajectory of their lives if they went.

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The CFPB has been watching student loan complaints lodged by consumers from Sept. 31, 2017, for its annual report of the CFPB Student Loan Ombudsman.Great Lakes hold the guarantees on almost billion in loans for the Federal Family Education Loan Program.The company makes investments to benefit various communities and their residents.Defaulting on a student loan can negatively impact a borrower’s future.They offer many tools borrowers can access to help them manage their student loans responsibly.

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