Consolidating multiple itunes 9 libraries

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If you have an existing library you want to split up into smaller libraries, you can copy photos by drag and drop from one library to another.i Photo Library Manager will take care of retaining all the photos' metadata, such as keywords, ratings, faces, and so forth.Rather than digging through the file system and folders, you can jump instantly to any i Tunes media file or songs location on the hard drive just by selecting it in i Tunes: Choosing to reveal the song in the Finder will instantly open the containing directory in Mac OS X (or Windows, though the wording is slightly different) From here you can make a copy of that specific song, make changes to it, edit it and make your own remix, create a ringtone out of it, or whatever else you want to do with the song.With the quick access method, you can also use the standard file system hierarchal features to jump to the parent directories and reveal the entire folder structure of the i Tunes library.This lets you speed up i Photo by having smaller libraries, archive old photos that you don't use much, or organize photos in different categories or projects. Use i Photo Library Manager's photos browser to quickly view your photos without having to open i Photo itself.You can also search for photos in a single library, or across all your libraries at once.It can be easy to have multiple copies of the same photo creep into your i Photo libraries.

The default Windows location for these respective files are in the folder held down. Click the “Create Library…” button and select a folder to use as your library folder.

You will be shown a preview of what your merged library will look like before any modifications are done, to ensure your merged library looks how you want.

Sometimes, an i Photo library will become corrupted, with missing photos, mysterious i Photo hangs, or outright crashes.

With i Photo Library Manager, you can rebuild a new library based on your current library, starting with a fresh database free of corruption.

You can even scavenge photos from the library that i Photo may have lost track of.

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