Colorado shooter online dating

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Two court-ordered psychiatrists said he was legally sane under Colorado’s standards, though he did have a severe mental illness on a spectrum with schizophrenia. Holmes was in the thrall of “florid psychosis,” prosecutors called Ms. Datta his ideas about “human capital” and the value of life. Later, speaking to a court-ordered psychiatrist, he said he had earned “points” by killing people. When they began dating, she said, she told him she was interested only in a casual relationship.

But a slew of reports in recent days has helped observers piece together an emerging portrait of the 24-year-old. He was a shy boy James Eagan Holmes "was known as a very quiet young man, introverted but pleasant," say Carol D. His father is a mathematician, his mother a nurse, and he grew up "in an upper middle-class community of picturesque hacienda-style homes surrounded by hills and canyons" in San Diego, Calif., say Susan Gembrowski, Marisol Bello, and Trevor Hughes at .

He was awkward and introverted, and mused unsettlingly about evil and justice. The two, graduate science students at the University of Colorado, had broken up by the spring of 2012, but they occasionally chatted online.

She said she never had any inkling that her former boyfriend, James E.

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Denver Colorado during the airing of Batman: Dark Knight Rises movie, it has now been revealed mass-murder suspect James Holmes had an online dating profile on

The site, an adults-only website targeted towards one night stands and swingers, has reportedly verified the authenticity of the profile according to gossip website,

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