College consolidating credit degree

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When you graduate, you'll have 10 years to pay, or roughly 120 payments of 2 and change.When you're done you'll have shelled out roughly ,000 to pay for the loan and interest. Shoot for the four-year degree at an expensive university or college.Earnest is a subsidiary of Navient, a federal student loan servicer.They offer student loan refinancing for both federal and private student loans.It's estimated that more than half of all college students graduate with debt, and we're not talking about a paltry few thousand on the credit card, either.Given tuition at some of the more prestigious universities can top more than ,000, and even a community college two-year degree can cost more than ,000, college debt can be serious and life changing. You borrow ,000 at 6.8 percent per year to pay for a two-year degree in automotive technology.It is important to keep in mind that you can only consolidate your federal student loans one time.If interest rates become lower over time, you will not be able to reconsolidate for a lower interest rate.

However, their customer service and additional available services cannot be beaten. Lend Key is not an actual lender, but rather a marketplace for student loan refinancing.

According to statistics, you'll likely have about ,000 in loans at the end.

With the same interest rate and loan payment period, you're looking at a monthly payment of about 5 and total interest of about ,000 for a total principal and interest of ,000.

Never pay a fee for consolidating federal student loans.

You can take advantage of this entirely free process through the federal student aid website.

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