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Coastal flooding is a major issue that the city faces.All it takes is just the right tide, or even worse, an extreme high tide paired with a torrential downpour during rush hour, and Charleston’s streets become fingers of the Atlantic Ocean that no car can ford.Known as the artistic hub of the region, a town highlight is the First Fridays Art Walk.While downtown, browse craft and antique stores and relax over a meal at a local restaurant.This could have been a common sight if what was once Governor’s Creek wasn’t filled in to create Market Street in first decade of the 19 century.Both the Charleston Village and Cannonborough neighborhoods were filled in during the mid 1800s and both are notorious for their flood problems.One of the best ways to experience the scenery of the South is by driving along U. Hop in the car and follow our path to a lovely, unforgettable journey. This stretch of road runs almost 1,932 kilometers from Florida to Virginia and passes through many small towns – some directly on the Atlantic Ocean coast – that are filled with hidden gems you'll want to experience.

The city feels a bit like it’s suspended in time, thanks to its antebellum architecture and surrounding plantation landscapes.

The city has continued to alter the coastline as late as the 1960s.

During this time, Lockwood Boulevard was constructed which resulted in cutting off the Charleston Municipal Yacht Basin from the Ashley River and converted it into a placid pond (Thompson 2013).

It’s not hard to fathom that these flooded streets will one day become creeks and marshes. As far back as the 18 century, Charlestonians have made a practice of expanding the city’s footprint by filling creeks and marshes. Halsey’s Historic Charleston on a Map provides an amazing illustration of the change to the peninsula’s landscape (Preservation Society of Charleston [PSOC]).

The map shows that many areas that frequently flood are atop man made land.

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