Christian dating poems

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Scholars studying the early scriptures of the Christian faith, historians looking for clues about life in Medieval Egypt, and linguists searching for scraps of ancient languages have all pored over the parchments.In the margins, some parts of the older under-texts have remained visible, giving some clues to the content beneath.For centuries they have gathered dust on the shelves of a library marooned in a rocky patch of Egyptian desert, their secrets lost in time.

Today, these parchments are delicate gold mines of historical importance.Together, these photographs help reveal the minute traces of ink left on the pages after they were erased or the scratches left by a scribe’s quill.Computer algorithms then analyze and combine the images so the text on top can be separated from the words below.More than 108 pages of previously unknown Greek poetry were uncovered beneath more recent Arabic and Georgian texts.Three previously unknown Greek medical treatises have also been found, including one that contains the oldest known recipe credited to Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine.

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